Is it legal to buy prescription drugs online without prescription?

prescription drugs without prescriptionNo, it is illegal to buy prescription drugs online without a prescription. Medicines that require a script are highly powerful controlled substances and cannot be taken without being prescribed by well-qualified and experienced physicians. As a lot of people happen to buy medicines over the counter without a medical script, there are many chances that the person’s health can get deteriorated or is at stake. The drugs have to be brought only with an Rx irrespective of whether you are buying them from retail outlets or internet pharmacies. In this blog, you can get to know more about prescription medicines and how to purchase them over the net.

FDA warns not to buy prescription meds without a prescription online

The food and drugs administration strictly recommends people to not purchase medicines over the online pharmacy if they do not own a medical script. This is to avert receiving counterfeit pills which are sold by a large number of internet-based drugstores that operate illegally. When patients happen to consume these spurious meds, they can get a series of health disorders. You also need to know that according to Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), purchasing drugs without a prescription online could land the person at great risks, even in prison.

Tips for safe online drug shopping

    • Ensure that you order meds only with a valid doctor’s script
    • Verify if the site is licensed by your home state’s board and has approval from VIPPS i.e. Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites
    • Check if the online drugstore has a physical outlet in the US
    • Always avoid certain deals that appear too good or overtly convincing

Is there is a way to buy prescription drugs without a prescription online?

Yes, there is a possibility where you get medications without prescription online by obtaining an internet script from a digital doctor via digital consultation. This happens by registering yourself over any legal online pharmacy that has the provision of furnishing over the net script. You can get an appointment to have a virtual consultation.

The doctor over the internet based drugstore might ask for few important questions like your name, age, contact details, medical information like your past medical history, or for how long have you been suffering from the medical condition, if you have any history of alcohol or drug abuse, do you take any other over the counter or Rx meds etc.

After analyzing your health condition, you might be prescribed for the drug if you are eligible to take it and if the drug is suitable for your body type. With this script, you can buy medications online legally without a physical script. You can also refill your Rx over any authentic and trustworthy internet pharmacy, any time you want, effortlessly and conveniently.