What is the percentage of online pharmacies that operate legally?

Legal Online pharmaciesNearly 92% of the online pharmacies are known to operate illegally and from this, you can calculate the percentage of legitimate mail order pharmacies. There are many internet based sites which sell controlled substances to the customers without any prescription that online pharmacy offers in buying medication online legally at a cheap cost. Apart from this, many illegitimate websites also offer medications that are not properly formulated and it is found that most of them had ingredients that are very harmful to the patients.

How to identify the online pharmacy that operates legally?

It is very easy to identify the genuine mail order pharmacies if you have some knowledge. Do not have worries as we are going to help you in it. First of all, wherever the online drugstore is registered there will be authorities to examine it.

In the case of the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would be the one which approves the medications that are sold by the internet-based pharmacies and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) will be providing the license to the site. It is VIPPS seal and only the website that followed all the rules and regulations will get it.

If you are able to see the VIPPS seal at the bottom of the page then it means that the website is legitimate. Click the seal and it redirects you to the NABP site. This can be the best way to check whether the seal mentioned in the site is real or counterfeit.

Another simple way is to log in to the authorities site of your country. They have provided the list of online pharmacies that they have approved. Choose the best one from that site. You need not have to do research about the mail order pharmacy at all in this case. You can also check the online pharmacy reviews from which you are going to purchase the medicines.

What are the red flags that you should look for?

In case, you wanted to buy medication from the site as it was suggested by your known person or you found that they are providing cheap pills, here, you have to check the red flags, these are nothing but the clue that the sites provides to the customers without realizing and if you find it then you should not do business with them.

The first red flag is that the cost of the drugs would be very cheap. It is obvious that the price of the pills is not very expensive online but this never means that it should be very less. If you find the price to be unbelievable then this is a red flag.

You have to check whether they have provided a physical address or contact number if no then this your second red flag. A legitimate site shall provide an address and also should have a phone number through which you can call the customer care team as well as get help.

Check the reviews mentioned on the site. Obviously, there will be mixed comments but when you find more negative comments than the positive ones then you can take this as a third red flag. A legitimate site always tries hard to meet the expectation of the customers hence these are not possible on their website.

The pharmacies that operate illegally would not ask for a prescription. They would be providing the pills without asking for a medical script even if it is a controlled substance. When you see this then you can absolutely take this as your fourth red flag.

Even if you get a single red flag it is important to stay away from the website. There are many legitimate online drugstores and you can go about choosing the appropriate one.