Can Zoloft be used for weight loss?

Zoloft weight lossYes, you can use Zoloft for weight loss, though the Zoloft weight loss is considered as usual side effects if the person consuming the medication for a long term. Sertraline (the generic name of brand Zoloft) which is an antidepressant class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Generally, people are using Zoloft for anxiety and depression disorders treatments. According to the study, it is the most prescribed antidepressant and psychiatric medications. It is majorly consumed by adults, when they are under the treatment OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder). The Sertraline might cause weight changes for some people and it is used predominately after knowing the complication that it can use for the lifestyle changes.

Zoloft Weight loss in adults & Children’s

For Adults:

The major Zoloft side effect is either weight loss nor weight gain which it depends on the treatment they took. But for adults, the weight may lose to one to two pounds in their beginning stage of the treatment. Some people can regain their miniscule amount of weight during or after the treatment.

In rare cases, some of the patients may lose the significant amount of weight. In the situation, they should stop taking the medication to avoid keep losing the weight. They should consult the doctor for further process.

Zoloft For Children and Adolescence

Unlike an adult, it is more prevalent for children’s and adolescence for ubiquitous weight loss. Most children’s loss their weight up to one pound at the initial stage of the treatment and keep on losing the weight. According to the study, seven percent of children lose their weight up to seven percent from their total body weight.

The Adolescent had experienced to lose their weight up to seven percent from their total body. But mostly, the children’s and adolescence can gain their weight within the span of six to nine months after the treatment.

Can pregnant women use Zoloft during pregnancy period?

Weight gain is more important for a mother during the pregnancy period. If you are using the Zoloft during pregnancy for reducing your body weight, it might cause harm to the fetus. Tell your doctor if you are consuming Zoloft during pregnancy and confirm the risks involved in.

Also, breastfeeding mothers should be a concern with handling the medications since there is the high risk of chance that this medication can cause an adverse effect on the baby through breast milk. Don’t begin the Zoloft without consulting the doctor in case if you’re breastfeeding mother.

What is the best solution for weight loss along with Zoloft?

The best way to prevent the weight loss during the Zoloft treatment is to consume healthy food and regular exercises. Eat more fresh fruits and add green vegetables, healthy grains, low-fat dairy products for the healthy diet. Strength gain exercises that could really help to build body muscles for the underweight patients, even aerobic exercises such as cycling and running could also help to reduce the body weight at during the Zoloft medication treatment.